Sue Will Inspire Your Students to Read and Write!

Visits from an author should have an air of excitement about them. Sue believes strongly in the importance of ‘edu-tainment.’ She delivers high-quality educational content about writing, revising, creating and developing ideas that key into your core curriculum standards; and she does this by drawing from more than a dozen highly visual PowerPoint presentations that take kids ‘behind the scenes.’  Sue’s a good storyteller, and kids enjoy themselves while learning about the process of creating a book and seeing that process unfold on the screen. Every one of her presentations is different, depending on the students: their ages, their interests, and their needs.

The Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin has an excellent tip sheet about author visits.

Fees & Requirements

In addition to traveling expenses and lodging, Sue charges $1,000 a day for a full school day visit (up to four presentations) and $500 for half a day (up to two presentations). She doesn’t travel out of town for a half day, so if you’re more than an hour’s drive from Grand Rapids, MI and you’re just interested in a half day, you will need to pair up with another school who will host her for the second half of the day. Sue devotes a great deal of her volunteer time to working with and on behalf of children at risk. School visits are a way for her to underwrite that work, and she deeply appreciates the opportunity.