Storytelling is far from a natural process. You need to position your core message, align with with your target market, and drive sales — all challenging acts to balance. Start with what’s simple… I think the biggest pain point is struggling to first identify what your true unique story is — and then, to put it into words. Heather Anne Carson, co-founder, Onboardly.

Let me help!

When businesses take the time to communicate their mission and vision through stories, they reinforce their value to members, clients and customers, and enlist them in their success through donations and loyalty.  I’ve been writing and publishing true and fictional stories for the last 25 years for magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Family Fun, newspapers, and my many books with Penguin and Random House.  Let me help you tell your story and convey your core values creatively.

San Chez Stories | Project to Bring Creativity into Unexpected Places

Pages 4-5 from SanChezFinal-1When San Chez General Manager, Cindy Schneider, saw Sue’s book “Hadley’s Happy Ending,” she was impressed with the way Sue was able to convey the ‘heart’ of the Humane Society through a story.  “Our restaurant is celebrating its 20th year,” says Cindy.  “We have so many stories we’re proud of, stories that tell our guests about our principles and our commitment to the people and the region.”  Cindy and Sue worked together to find the right medium to tell those special stories.  The resulting “Tabletop Stories” have been a hit with San Chez guests.  “People like to know the stories behind their food,” says Cindy.  “They also love that they are choosing to spend their money in a place that reinvests in the community.”

For San Chez’s first-ever catalog, we sought to bring awareness and excitement to the restaurant’s brand. Not only do they offer many services loyal customers might not know about, the back-of-the-house where many of their long-term employees create fantastic food was invisible to San Chez guests. Now, guests can get to know the many chefs, caterers and administrative employees that make up the San Chez team.

Hadley's Happy Ending | Project for Humane Society of West Michigan


The story of Hadley, the local cat who was severely burned after being set on fire, doesn’t seem a likely story for a picture book.  But Hadley’s Happy Ending, a book Sue wrote and produced with the help of photographer Jenn Anibal and designer Jenn Roon, is an incredibly heartwarming read.  They convey in photos and text the uplifting story of Hadley’s will to live and the dedicated and caring staff who saved his life.  A wonderful way to convey the mission and vision of the Humane Society of West Michigan and a perfect fundraising tool, Hadley’s Happy Ending has found its way into animal rescue shelters, schools, libraries and hospital burn units. Read Hadley’s Happy Ending here!